Going for 100%…Heejin Ko “Momentum over experience” vs Avon Danza “I need to play better than before”

“Momentum over experience.”

That’s what head coach Goh Hee-jin said before the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League postseason playoff first round match against Heungkuk Life at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium on Wednesday.

The team had won seven straight games, excluding the last two regular season games, after confirming spring volleyball. 메이저 토토사이트 The momentum was there for the taking.

“We’re just here to play a game,” Goh said with a smile, “everything is the same. I tell the players that a match is just a match. We had some tough matches in the fifth and sixth rounds, but we need to get into the habit of playing one match, so we can do that in the big matches. We trained a lot and hopefully we played our normal game. I watched the men’s semifinals and it was a great match. We hope to reward them with a good performance today and have a great match.”

This is the first spring volleyball in seven seasons. Starting middle blockers Park Eun-jin and Jung Ho-young, as well as outside hitters Giovanna and Asia Quarter Megawati, have little experience on the big stage. Ko sees this as an advantage: “IBK and OK Savings Bank (now OK Financial Group) also won the championship in their second year of existence. We don’t win because we have experience. There is something called momentum. When young players catch fire, it’s scary. I think we can do well if we can harmonize the young players with veterans like Yeom Hye-sun, Han Song-i, and Nolan, who have played big games.”

The first game is crucial The winner of the first game of the women’s playoffs has gone on to win the championship game 17 times out of 17, a 100 percent record. “In the whole postseason, the first round of the playoffs is the most important,” Goh said.

Park Hye-min will replace Lee So-young, who is out with an injury. “Park Hye-min has been preparing a lot,” said Ko. Coach Lee Kang-ju played big games in her career, overcame the pressure of receiving and won championships. He talked to Park Hye-min about know-how, reducing the pressure and instilling confidence in her. Also, if Park Hye-min is unfortunate, Joker is ready. I will try to overcome it together,” she said encouragingly.

Heungkuk Life coach Abondanza said, “We need to play better than the last match. Our blocking and defense were not bad. We just couldn’t counterattack. I hope we can improve on that today,” he said, adding, “We will do our best.”

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