Wanderlust Korea 2024 June 22-23–a wellness lifestyle extravaganza of yoga, meditation, Pilates, group training, dance, mindfulness, and more

Wanderlust Korea, a global wellness lifestyle festival featuring a variety of mindfulness programs, including yoga, meditation, Pilates, group training, dance, and mindfulness classes, will be held on June 22 and 23 in Seoul Forest.

Wanderlust was founded in 2008 in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, and has been held in more than 20 cities including London, Berlin, Rome, Prague, and Tokyo. Wanderlust Korea made its Asian debut in 2019 and has since been held at Nanji Hangang Park, Gwanghwamun, and Olympic Park.

Wanderlust Korea 2024 aims to invite experts in their respective fields, including yoga instructor Yeo Dong-gu, high-intensity athlete Yerim, African dancer Kwon Eun-jung, Hawaiian hula dancer Han Hyo-jin, and mindfulness instructor Yoo Bora, to reflect on resting the body and mind in nature in urban centers and share healthy philosophies about the society and environment we live in.

Every year, Wanderlust Korea is held on a larger scale than other cities overseas. A total of 70 wellness classes are customized at the Main Stage, Park Stage, and Wellness Studio. Each class, which lasts between 50 and 80 minutes, will share fun and in-depth ways to take care of and relax the mind and body.

This year’s Wanderlust Korea 2024 will feature more than just celebrity personalities, but in-depth wellness classes. Yanoshiho, who has gained acclaim and respect for her wellness classes at Wanderlust Japan and elsewhere, will be hosting her own special rest and relaxation class on the main stage on both Saturday and Sunday. Featuring meditation, yoga, exercise, and mindfulness, Yanoshiho’s classes will offer practical ways to bring her signature positive energy into the frenetic and demanding world of everyday life.

Wonder Girls’ Yubin will also be holding a wellness class. Yubin will be sharing with the audience how she balances dynamic and static exercises such as soccer and Pilates, as well as 스포츠토토 the habits and realizations she has learned before and after reaching the top. In addition to his talks on the different sense of fulfillment and growth between team sports and individual workouts, he will also give a workshop on small habits that are essential for busy modern people.

Early bird tickets for Wanderlust Korea 2024 opened on April 1 at 10 a.m. via 29CM Limited Order. These early bird tickets offer the biggest discounts of the entire Wanderlust Korea 2024 sales period.

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