PGA-LIV merger ‘close’ Woods-McIlroy to play 10 matches on LIV

“Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy must play in 10 LIV events.”

The LIV golf series, backed by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (PIF), demanded that PGA stars Woods and McIlroy play in 10 LIV events as a condition of its merger with the U.S. Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour, it has been revealed.

The revelations came to light during a U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on the proposed merger of the PGA and LIV on Nov. 11 (local time), which also included a requirement that the two players compete in LIV events as owners of their own teams. These conditions, which were allegedly proposed by the PIF, are not part of the current agreement. PGA COO Ron Price, who appeared at the hearing, said the PIF has also agreed to pay more than the $1 billion that LIV owes the PGA for the merger.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) strongly criticized the merger, saying, “I feel betrayed,” and that “this is a path to capitulation to the Saudis.” The Senate Homeland Security Committee said it would hold additional hearings on the merger.

Congress was the first to put the brakes on the merger, which was announced by arch-rivals the PGA and LIV on March 6 amid controversy over “sportswashing” (the attempt to dilute dictatorships, human rights issues, etc. with sports). 토토사이트 The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether the merger is antitrust.

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