“Have you ever seen such a shocker? ‘Duckbae’ couldn’t find ‘anywhere to pass'”

Man Utd legend on Holland’s complete shutout, first home goal in three years and Arsenal’s ‘great defense’

It’s a shocking sight. Kevin De Bruyne, the world’s greatest midfielder, passing master, and Manchester City ace, is stumbling around, unable to find a pass. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. This shocking moment happened against Arsenal. 

City and Arsenal played their 30th round match of the 2023-24 season at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England, on Jan. 1 and played to a 0-0 draw. It was the biggest game of the season that could decide the title. It was a de facto win for Arsenal. The draw dropped the Gunners from first place to Liverpool and second place, but their confidence was at an all-time high. It was a draw, but one that boosted Arsenal’s chances of winning the title. 

It was home for City, away for Arsenal. The Gunners erased the memories of last season’s 1-4 thrashing here, shutting down City’s The Browner passing game to perfection and shutting down monster striker Elling Holland. 

After the game, Manchester United legend Gary Neville said: “I was really impressed with Arsenal’s defensive tactics. Holland was completely destroyed. I’ve never seen a defense that made it so difficult for City. There didn’t seem to be any space for any attack. Even when De Bruyne tried to get the ball into the box, he could only hold his head up. There was no space anywhere,” he claimed. 

He added: “I’m cautious to criticize City, they still keep clean sheets, dominate possession, press and play good football. But there was no City football in front of Arsenal’s defense. Last year here, City completely dominated Arsenal. But this time Arsenal came with a much stronger mentality,” he added. 

Neville particularly praised the great defensive work of Arsenal’s center-back duo of William Saliba and Gabriel Magalhaes. ”Defensively, they were outstanding,” Neville said. Saliba proved his competitiveness today. Saliba was huge. Magalhaes was huge. The 바카라 performance and mental toughness of those two huge defenders was unbelievable. They completely shut down Holland. They played a great game.” 

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta also expressed his satisfaction. He was particularly pleased with the defense. 

“It was a thrilling game,” Arteta said. It was a tough game, a tough opponent and we did really well. Defensively, we were excellent. Our pressing was good and it was enough to make it difficult for them. It’s been three years since City haven’t scored a goal at home,” he said. 

He added: “City are still the best team in the world, they have the best manager in the world. To catch up with them and try to do better than them is the challenge we have in front of us,” he added, expressing his desire to win the title. 


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