The U.S. has fallen victim to “mesh syndrome.

The United States has been gripped by ‘Messi Syndrome’.

Lionel Messi’s (Inter Miami) rarely seen performance in soccer history has left soccer fans and media alike in awe.

Messi unleashed a one-goal, five-assist monster performance to lead Inter Miami to a 6-2 victory over the New York Red Bulls in the 2024 Major League Soccer (MLS) season at Chase Stadium in Miami on Friday (Feb. 5).

Miami fell behind early in the first 30 minutes of the match. After a rather dismal second half in which they failed to catch up, Messi came out like a messiah.

Messi assisted on Rojas’ equalizer in the third minute of the second half, and two minutes later, he scored the game-winner off an assist from Luis Suarez. From there, Messi was unstoppable. Starting with Rojas’ second goal, he assisted on Suarez’s next three goals in a row.

In the second half alone, 스포츠토토 he had a phenomenal 1 goal and 5 assists. Thanks to Messi’s support, Suarez scored his first hat trick in the United States.

After the game, the U.S. soccer world was swept up in Messi Syndrome.

MLS outlets were all over the story, with Messi’s performance as the top story.

‘Messi’s ridiculous night in Miami,’ wrote USA, ‘Messi is an alien. There’s not much else to say about him,” and praised his performance.

In particular, wrote: “Five assists and a goal in one half of a soccer match is not only unprecedented, it has never happened in MLS history.

According to US media, Messi set two new records for MLS on the day. Six offensive points and five assists in a single game.

Messi added a goal and five assists on the night, 무료 슬롯 giving him 12 goals and 11 assists in 11 games this season.

His “godlike” performance after missing four games due to injury has sparked an outpouring of praise online, with comments such as “Messi is a god,” “MLS is so much more fun because of Messi,” and “Messi will be hard to beat in the Golden Boot race.

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