European soccer leagues have been showing off unique player

Recently, European soccer leagues have been showing off unique player entrances that are sure to impress.

A newly promoted team in Norway’s top division made headlines when a player crossed a pedestrian crossing to enter the stadium due to the poor conditions of the stadium.<reported on May 2 by Sports Chosun

This time, the team’s touching entrance attracted a lot of attention from local media and fans. The team that made a different kind of impression was Getafe of the Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga).

Getafe lost 0-2 at home to Athletic Bilbao in the 34th round of La Liga on April 4 (KST). However, the loss didn’t matter much to soccer fans.

According to local media, 안전놀이터 추천 “Getafe lost the game, but received more attention and applause for their unconventional player entrance performance.

Usually, the players’ entrance is called “escort kids,” where they hold the hands of children affectionately as they walk onto the pitch to signal the start of the game. But on this day, it wasn’t a child holding the hands of the Getafe players as they entered the pitch. It was their mothers.

On the 5th, the Getafe club released a video of the players’ entrance on their official social media account (X), calling it the ‘best moment’. The mothers who held their sons’ (players’) hands had the happiest faces in the world as they entered the pitch.

After taking a photo on the pitch,

The mothers were emotional as they left, saying, “My son, don’t get hurt…” as if they were worried about their children. She even came to the front of the stands and waved to the cheering fans.

Spain celebrates Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of May, much like Korea’s Mother’s Day (May 8). To celebrate, Getafe organized an unprecedented player admission event. The video has received an overwhelming response, 토토사이트 순위 with 2.6 million views (as of 12 noon on May 5) within a day of its release.

Fans have responded with a storm of praise, with comments such as “This is a memorable moment that will last a lifetime,” “How sweet of Getafe,” “Beautiful shot,” and “What a great idea.”

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