PSG’s Lee Kang-in apologizes for Asian Cup row

Korean football player Lee Kang-in offers an apology for his role in a row at Seoul World Cup Stadium in Seoul, March 20. Yonhap

Korean football player Lee Kang-in apologized for his role in a locker room row during a recent tournament Wednesday, saying he had let so many fans down with his action and he will try to grow from the experience.

Lee, midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain, addressed the Korean media for the first time Wednesday since getting into a scuffle with national team captain Son Heung-min during the Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup in Qatar. Lee and some younger members of the team left team dinner early to play table tennis, but Son wanted the occasion to be an opportunity for team bonding before playing Jordan in the semifinals.

When Lee refused Son’s order to rejoin the team, the two got into a shoving match, leading to a dislocated finger for Son.

When the incident was revealed after Korea’s loss to Jordan, Lee took a beating in public for defying Son, a beloved captain and one of Korea’s most popular athletes. Lee later visited Son in London to apologize to him in person.

Then he stood in front of cameras Wednesday at Seoul World Cup Stadium, after being named to the national team 카지노사이트킹 for home-and-away World Cup qualifying matches against Thailand. The first match is 8 p.m. Thursday in Seoul.

“I received so much love and support from fans during the Asian Cup, but I did not reward my fans and I disappointed them,” Lee said. “I wanted to come here to apologize to them from the bottom of my heart.”

Lee thanked Hwang Sun-hong, caretaker boss for the national team, for selecting him for the World Cup qualifiers, and said he will try to learn from his mistakes.

“Criticism from everyone will help me down the road,” Lee said. “I will try hard to become a better person and a better football player, someone who can help the team and set good examples.”

Lee did not take questions from media.

The Korea Football Association said Lee had prepared his own words for the occasion.

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