“Professional performance is also calm.” Saginer…Winning PBA Debut

“Professional stage is also calm.” Saginer…Winning PBA Debut

Turkiye’s Seiginer, well-known to domestic fans for his colorful art, became the champion in the opening game of the professional billiard PBA this season.Like his nickname “Mr. Magic,” he won his magical debut match

PBA Championship Final 4 sets out of 7.

Seiginer, who leads 14-5 to this table, focuses on the last one.

When the water polo leaves the end of the cue and the “turnaround” to avoid the kiss is successful, he clenches his hands with a bright smile and cheers.

It’s the moment when you land on the Korean professional billiard stage and win your first championship.

Seiginer kissed his wife who visited the stadium and expressed his feelings of emotion in Korean.

“I speak a little bit of Korean. I’m very happy. Thank you very much for inviting me to a good game at the PBA.”

Seiginer, a 60-year-old veteran from Turkiye, was ranked 10th in the world and one of the leading amateur stage stars.

After reaching the top for the first time in 1994, he won seven times in his career at the three-cushion World Cup and led his country to the top for three consecutive years at the team championship.

It is also called “Mr. Magic” because it is familiar with humorous showmanship and magical art.

However, the main prediction was that it would take time to adapt to the professional stage due to different game rules and official balls that have been experienced so far.

In fact, Sanchez, the “world’s four greatest kings” who entered the PBA together, and Choi Sung-won, a Korean three-cushion sign, fell from the first round of the 128th round and held a harsh initiation ceremony.

Seiginer, the champion who won his first debut stage since the launch of the PBA in 2019, showing a slugging percentage nearly twice the average of the tournament.

Attention is focusing on whether he, who caused a stir in the opening game of the PBA personal tour, will be able to continue his sensation in the team league that starts in August.


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