Mexico City Marathon disqualifies 11,000 runners in record-breaking ‘trick finish’

More than 11,000 runners have been disqualified from this year’s marathon in the Mexican capital, Mexico City, due to a series of cheaters.According to Mexican broadcaster ADN40 and daily newspaper Reforma on June 6 (local time), it was later revealed that more than 11,000 runners, more than ⅓ of the total number of participants (30,000) in the marathon held in the heart of downtown Mexico City on May 27 (local time), falsely claimed to have completed the course without actually running it.The cheaters were found to have failed to pass checkpoints set up every five kilometers along the entire 42.195-kilometer course.All were reportedly regular participants, who organizers believe traveled by car, public transportation, or bicycle in between, local media reported.Posts were shared on Mexican social media raising suspicions.These included images of people dressed as athletes sitting in restaurants eating food and climbing on shared bikes when they should have been running.Locally, this behavior is believed to be more about getting a finisher’s medal than about breaking records.Some female runners have been known to have men who are slightly faster than them run under their bib number in order to get a time that would qualify them for the Boston Marathon in the United States, for example, Reforma reported.The Mexico City Marathon is a World Association of Athletics Federations “Gold Label” race, which is awarded to races that meet the strictest standards.Nevertheless, the annual event is not without its share of disgraceful incidents. In 2017 and 2018, more than 6,000 and 3,000 바카라사이트 athletes, respectively, were stripped of their medals for “cheating”.

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