Hwang Seon-Hong Ho GK Baek Jong-Beom “I’m sorry that my mistake ruined the game plan”

After falling to Qatar in a match that marked the start of their quest to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, members of the Korean Under-22 national soccer team are determined to put the disappointment behind them and look ahead to their next match”Even though it was a weekday, there were a lot of fans here, and I’m sorry we couldn’t get a result,” said goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom (Seoul) to the media after the first leg of the 2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers Group B match against Qatar at the Changwon Football Center on Saturday. “When we were down 0-1 and had to play catch-up, my mistake put us in a difficult situation, and I’m very sorry.”The U-22 soccer team, led by Hwang Sun-hong, lost 0-2 against Qatar earlier in the day. The match against the hosts, who have already qualified for next year’s U-23 tournament, does not count towards the qualification standings, but it was a “shocking” defeat for Hwang, who was playing his first match of the tournament, which is the first qualifier for the Paris Olympics.Baek Jong-beom, who started in goal on the day, was unable to escape the blame for a second goal in the 22nd minute when he failed to deal with a floated ball after a back-header from an opponent in front of the goal after South Korea had gone down by a goal in the first half.”We were controlling the game from the beginning and doing well, but one lapse in concentration led to the first goal,” said Baek, who reflected, “I think the game plan was ruined by me.”After the mistake, he said, “I tried to focus even more because I couldn’t make any more mistakes because the team had to keep up.”After the game, coach Hwang Sun-hong described Baek’s mistake as “decisive” and said, “Everyone can make mistakes. You shouldn’t lose courage and use it as an opportunity to improve.””I will quickly shake it off and focus on the next match,” Baek said, “I will quickly shake off the sinking mood and prepare for the remaining two matches with renewed strength.”Uhm Ji-sung (Gwangju), who struggled as the starting flanker, was equally disappointed.”We created a lot of good shots in the process, but the players couldn’t solve them,” he said, emphasizing that “we need to improve in training.””After conceding the first goal, we attacked to score a goal, and I think that created a gap that led to the second goal. Personally, I think we were in a hurry,” he said, adding, “We will make up for it through video meetings and other means.””Coach Hwang emphasized a lot on individual tactics and positioning even in a short time, but I think this result came about because the players were not able to digest it,” said Uhm Ji Sung. “I think the players need to execute exactly the tactics the coach wants.”Hwang Sun-hong’s team will prepare for matches 안전놀이터 against Kyrgyzstan on Sept. 9 and Myanmar on Sept. 12

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