Lee Bong-joo, who fought an incurable disease, said, “Life is a marathon…”Overcome the crisis”

Lee Bong-joo, who fought an incurable disease, said, “Life is a marathon…”Overcome the crisis”

Marathon hero Lee Bong-ju, who is battling an incurable disease, visited the Armed Forces Sports Unit.He told soldiers ahead of competitions such as the Hangzhou Asian Games that he overcame fatal shortcomings and achieved his dream.

Lee Bong-ju passed on his dream achievement experience to soldiers about two months before the Hangzhou Asian Games.Lee Bong-joo, dubbed the “national marathoner” for impressing the Atlanta Olympics silver medal, Bangkok Asian Games and Busan Asian Games gold medals, was diagnosed with an incurable disease three years ago, but he was also overcoming it like a rooster.<Lee Bong-joo / Director of the Korea Athletics Federation> “The ship used to move without knowing the cause, but now that it’s gone, I think I have a chance to sleep well and meet you like this, and it’s getting better, so I think I’ll run soon…”Lee Bong-ju stressed that he has overcome fatal shortcomings such as uneven feet, flat feet, and slow speed with the advantage of endurance.Comparing the marathon to life, he advised them to overcome the crisis with role models, rivals, and teachers as “facemakers.”It was a courage for the juniors in the same event,<Lee Jung-kook / Armed Forces Sports Unit Marathon> “I think it was a lecture that allowed me to burn my passion for sports once again after listening to the lecture of Lee Bong-ju, the most respected track and field athlete. I hope you get well soon so that you can continue to run with me.”The event also resonated with other athletes.<Byun Jun-hyung / Armed Forces Sports Unit Sangmu Basketball Team> “I hope I can follow the example of endurance and continue to work out.” You said you wrote a training journal or something like that, but I’m thinking about copying it and writing it from today. “


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