Kim Yeon-kyung-Yelena 59 points, Heungkuk Life upset by Pepper Savings Bank

Heungkuk Life Women’s Professional Volleyball won a close match that went to a full set on the road in Gwangju. Heungkuk Life opened the 2023-24 Dodram V League season with an away match against Pepper Savings Bank at Gwangju Yeomju Gymnasium (Pepper Stadium) on Monday.

Heungkuk Life defeated Pepper Savings Bank 3-2 (25-10 20-25 25-22 22-25 17-15). The victory extended their winning streak to eight matches, and they finished the second round at the top of the standings with 11-1-1 (30 points). 온라인카지노 Pepper Savings Bank, on the other hand, had to settle for one more point. They suffered their fifth consecutive loss and failed to climb out of the bottom half of the table with 2-10 (6 points).

Heungkuk Life was led by the left-side duo of Kim Yeon-kyung and Jelena (Bosnia). Kim continued her steady performance with 25 points and a 53.6 percent attack success rate. Jelena had a lower offensive success rate of 38.7 percent, but did her part by scoring a team-high 34 points.

Middle blockers Lee Ju-ah (4 blocks, 8 points) and Reina (Japan, 3 blocks, 13 points) also provided solid support in the back row to help Heungkuk Life win.

Pepper Savings Bank also had a strong performance from its left and right side. Park Jung-ah had 20 points, Yasmin (USA) had 34 points, Lee Han-bi had 13 points and Ha Hye-jin had 11 points, including seven blocks, but her efforts were overshadowed by her team’s loss.

Heungkuk Life got off to a good start. They took the first set with a comfortable lead. Yelena and Lee Ju-ah combined for 14 points.

However, Pepper Savings Bank evened the score by taking the second set. After scoring just one point in the first set, Yasmin broke the silence and outplayed Heungkuk Life in the firepower battle.

Yasmin scored 11 points in the second set, while Ha Hye-jin also intercepted three opponent attacks.

Heungkuk Life took the third set to regain the set lead, but Pepper Savings Bank took the fourth set to level the match.

The deciding set was the fifth and final set. The two teams exchanged points early in the set. Later in the set, Heungkuk Life took the lead.

A late attack by Yelena and a service error by Yasmin put them up 13-11. However, at 12-14, Pepper Savings Bank made it 14-14 deuce with a spike by Yasmin and a block by Ha Hye-jin.

However, it was Heungkuk Sinsung who came out on top in the deuce. Down 14-15, they scored three straight points to end the long game.

Heungkuk Life made it 15-15 with an open attack from Yelena, and then Kim Yeon-kyung stepped up to the plate. Kim converted both of her attempts for points to seal the match.

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