“He’s a bench resource now” Chelsea lose trust in coach

Mikhail Mourinho has been reduced to a bench player.

Mourinho was an ambitious signing for Chelsea. Since the end of the Roman Abramovich era and the arrival of Todd Boeli as owner, Chelsea have spent a lot of money to make changes. The club’s board of directors, as well as the squad, have been overhauled and several players have been brought in. There were many, but Mourinho’s signing was the one that symbolized the beginning of the ‘Boheli era’.

He was an all-rounder. At Shakhtar Donetsk, he was a class act, playing as both a cracking winger and a playmaker. Chelsea recognized him as a potential successor to Eden Hazard. His star quality also earned him a lot of support from the club. 100 million euros with options. That’s how high Chelsea’s hopes are for him.

But so far, Mourinho’s signing has been a “failure. In his first season, he played 17 games, including cup competitions, but only managed two assists without scoring. Some fans lost faith, but most kept their hopes alive with the excuse that he was just “settling in”.

This season, thankfully, things have improved. In 24 appearances, including cup competitions, he has four goals and two assists. That’s better than last season, but objectively speaking, it’s not great. Also, considering his transfer fee, he needs to do better.

Mauricio Pochettino has continued to put his faith in Mudrikh: “He is trying to adapt to the team, trying to influence every situation. He is a player with a unique style. He is making a tremendous effort to get himself together and better understand what it means to play in a team,” he said, showing his deep trust in his protégé.

Even after scoring in the last game against Fulham, he 바카라사이트 added: “I’m really happy. He scored an important goal. He got his confidence back. He deserved it, he trains really hard every day,” he said.

But Pochettino is also human. You can’t always rely on him. Mourinho’s recent form is a testament to that. He was benched in the last two games against Luton Town and Fulham and didn’t even come on as a substitute. He did start against Liverpool, but it was as a substitute.

Three games in a row on the bench. Pochettino commented on this: “At the moment, Moudrek is a bench player. It’s because of his performances during the season. We want to play with players who give their best on the pitch and he needs to improve. He has amazing qualities and potential, but football is a team game,” Pochettino explained.


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