On the 30th of last month, the Korean women's soccer team suffered its second loss at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.Women's business soccer WK League coaches couldn't hide their 스포츠토토존 mixed feelings when they saw the players bowing their heads at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.With the support of the Korea Women's Football Federation, the destination of those who watched the match between Colombia and Morocco in Australia was suddenly decided on Sydney.It was to meet Jang Oe-ryong, vice president of the Korea Football Association, who visited the national team camp located on the utskirts of Sydney. On July 31, they confided to Vice President Jang about the difficulties of the women's soccer world in Sydney.It was the day after Coach Colin Bell advocated 'total reform' of the Korean women's soccer system, including the WK League, during a press conference right after the match against Morocco.During the meeting, Seoul City Hall director Yoo Yeong-sil, who left first out of frustration, repeatedly expressed his disappointment at Bell's leadership, saying, "My kids can do better...".On the 3rd of this month, the final game with Germany, second in the FIFA rankings, was drawn 1-1, but Belho returned home without reaching the round of 16.In a phone call with Yonhap News on the 8th, director Yoo revealed the 'reason for regret' he had seenCoach Yoo, who led Korea's first women's World Cup finals as the captain of the national team 20 years ago, pointed out thatperformance' was especially important in this tournament.Coach Yoo said, “It is always the World Cup that has expanded the infrastructure and environment of women’s soccer.”"These four years are the period in which the most reliable investment has been made in the history of Korean women's football. We had good players and foreign coaches, so we had high expectations," he explained."This was an opportunity to decide the future of women's soccer for the time being," he added.It is a diagnosis that it was the 'right time' to increase the size of the market by attracting media attention and corporate sponsorship through propaganda, as it was given four years asfullpreparationperiod.Director Yoo emphasized that this 'window of opportunity' does not open oftenCoach Yoo said, "The national team creates a 'market' for companies and others to jump into. It changes the public's perception and makes them want to play soccer more."“Today is the future, and the current grades are the foundation for a better future,” he said. “I understand that Coach Bell is in a position to coordinate administrative problems (of women’s soccer) as the head of the national team. But this time, It was an urgent mission as a director."Coach Bell emphasized at a press conference after the embers of the round of 16 were extinguished by the defeat in Morocco that the dynamics of the 'football pyramid', starting with the WK League and leading to young girls, lead toheompetitiveness of the national team.As the saying goes, the competitiveness of the national team is a 'product' of the women's soccer ecosystem, but it is not a one-sided relationshipWhen it was pointed out that the national team should also play a role as a 'catalyst' to boost the ecosystem by producing results, coach Bell showed a sense of responsibility, saying, "I will make sure that Korean women's soccer goes well."Director Yoo, who mentioned the remarks at this time, poured out sharp criticism, saying, "The first and second games did not even come out with performance at the level of the WK League."He pointed out, "Director Bell mentioned the environment, but it is also a 'subject' that can change the environment."Director Yoo's disappointment was deep because his expectations were high.After finishing runner-up in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup last year, he said his expectations rose after he won all three matches before the World CupLooking back, "The preparation process was very good. It showed our football," said coach Yoo, who said that Belho had to accept 'cold criticism' to move to the next levelAlthough coach Yoo is determined, he was also praised for the performance that Belho showed against GermanyRather, he pointed out that we should look back on why the performance against Germany did not come out in the first and second gamesCoach Yoo said, “The players can play every game like the match against Germany,” and “Now, we can see fighting spirit and technical capabilities, but it was regrettable that we couldn’t advance to the round of 16.Coach Bell came up with an unconventional tactic of starting the tournament’s youngest player, Casey Eugene Fair (PDA), born in 2007, and prospect Garam Chun (Hwacheon KSPO), born in 2002, and this strategy worked well and drove Germany in the early stages.Coach Yu, who highly praised Chun Ga-ram in the league as "a player who has all the strength, endurance and speed that coach Bell says", advised that now we should seek a 'sophisticated' generational changeDirector Yoo said, “It was the same when I was on active duty, and we couldn’t efficiently change generationsHe pointed out, "If you just change generations, you may lose all the experience and capabilities of veteran playersIn this regard, after returning to Korea via Incheon 스포츠토토존 International Airport on the 5th, Director Bell said, "As a manager, I think I have a responsibility. It is my role to analyze the reasons for the results." will do," he said.

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