The Professional Football K League 2 Jeonnam Dragons Beat the Leader

‘Hanam Multi-Goal’ K League 2 Jeonnam, Gimcheon, climbed one notch to 7th place

‘Lee Si-heon’s final goal’ E-Land’s victory in 9 games…

The absurd mistake is ‘Okay’

K League

The professional football K League 2 Jeonnam Dragons beat the leader, Kim Chun, to rise to 7th place.

Jeonnam defeated Gimcheon 2-1 in the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 round 27 home game held at 온라인카지노 Gwangyang Stadium in Jeollanam-do on the 20th.

Jeonnam, which added 3 points, moved up one notch to 7th place (37 points).

Kimcheon recently ended its two-game winning streak, but kept first place (48 points).

Jeonnam took the lead with a goal in the 17th minute of the first half without missing a set piece.

Valdivia’s corner kick from the right corner led Hanam, who ran in from behind, to his head, and the ball hit the crossbar and fell straight into the goal.

In the 10th minute of the second half, Hanam evaded the goalkeeper and kicked the ball slightly into the goal with his right foot, scoring multiple goals.

Kim Cheon made up for a goal in the 23rd minute of the second half.

Kang Hyeon-mook tricked two defenders in the left penalty area, created a shooting angle, and stabbed it into the corner of the opposite goal with his right foot.

Until the end of the game, Kim Cheon steadily knocked on Jeonnam’s goal, but failed to score an additional goal.

At Mokdong Sports Complex, Seoul E-Land beat Busan I-Park 2-1 and won a victory like gold in 9 games.


E-Land, which gradually slipped to the bottom of the leaderboard

due to failing to secure a victory with 3 draws and 5 losses in the last 8 games,

took a breath with a valuable victory on this day.

They also cut off their last 4 consecutive losses against Busan.

E-Land, who earned 3 points, remained in 11th place (29 points) behind Seongnam FC in 10th place.


Busan recently stopped their 4-game unbeaten streak and 4-game winning streak against E-Land.

However, Busan kept second place (44 points).

E-Land, who lost 0-4 to leaders Gimcheon in the previous game, broke the bad trend with the opening goal.

In the 35th minute of the first half, Bruno drove the ball alone from the right midfield and advanced,

bypassing three defenders one after another and sneaking into the penalty box, from the right penalty area he connected with a left-footed inside shot and shook the net.

However, two minutes later, the atmosphere turned cold as they unequivocally equalized.

E-Land goalkeeper Moon Jeong-in threw the ball into an attack and hit the face of Busan Choi Jun, who was right in front of him.

In the 25th minute of the second half when the score was 1-1, E-Land finally broke the game with Lee Si-heon’s goal.

Lee Si-heon, who received the ball from the penalty line in front of the goal after Ho-nan dropped it with his head, simply kicked it into the goal with his left foot.

Afterwards, E-Land blocked Busan’s wave of attacks and finished the game 2-1.

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