Shin Jin-seo reclaims the title and wins 7 awards 1.47 billion won, the largest prize money ever

Shin Jin-seo (23), 9th dan, the absolute powerhouse of Korean baduk, won the title of master for the first time in two years and won 7 gold medals.Shin Jin-seo was defeated by Byun Sang-il (26), 9th dan, in 231 moves in the 46th SG Cup Hankook Ilbo Master Tournament Finals 3rd and 2nd stage held at the K Baduk Studio in Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 16th.As a result, Shin Jin-seo, who recorded an overall record of 2-0, won the championship trophy.Shin Jin-seo, who returned as a master after two years, won seven gold medals in domestic and international competitions.In addition, Shin Jin-seo, who won 70 million won in prize money by winning that day, recorded a cumulative prize money of 1.4716 billion won this year, breaking the annual record of 1.44495 billion won he set last year. Shin Jin-seo, who took black that day, maintained a tight balance until the middle of the game and gained the upper hand in the battle of the lower left corner.

Afterwards, Byun Sang-il pursued him persistently, but Shin Jin-seo hardly showed any loopholes and maintained his victory by leading the favorable situation until the end.Shin Jin-seo, who had 12 consecutive wins against Byeon Sang-il, also had a significant lead in his total record against opponents with 34 wins and 7 losses.Shin Jin-seo and Byun Sang-il are scheduled to compete for the championship in the LG Cup finals, a world championship, in January next year.Myeonginjeon, which boasts the longest tradition among domestic knights, has only been held by 11 knights. The title was approved.9-dan Lee Chang-ho won the most with 13 wins, followed by 9-dan Jo Hoon-hyeon with 12 wins, Seo Bong-soo 7 times, 9-dan Lee Se-dol 4 times, and 9-dan Park Young-hoon with 3 wins.Following Jo Nam-cheol and 9-dan Kim In, Shin Jin-seo won twice, and Choi Cheol-han and Shin Min-jun won once.The prize money for the winner of the master competition is 70 million won, and the prize money for the runner-up is 25 million won.The time limit is three 카지노사이트 1-minute countdowns for each 100 minutes.

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