‘National catcher’ Kiwoom Kim Dong-heon diagnosed with complete elbow ligament rupture

Tommy John surgery required Expected to return next season
Kiwoom catcher Kim Dong-heon

Kim Dong-heon (19), who took the starting catcher position for the Kiwoom Heroes as a high school graduate last year and was on a roll as a member of the national team at the Hangzhou Asian Games and other events, was hampered by an injury.

An official from the Kiwoom team said on the 9th, “Kim Dong-heon visited the hospital due to discomfort in his elbow, and the diagnosis was that his right elbow ligament was completely ruptured. The same diagnosis was also found at the hospital he visited for a cross-examination, so surgery is inevitable.” 메이저사이트

Tommy John’ surgery, which reconstructs elbow ligaments, is usually performed on pitchers.

Kim Dong-heon, who had been in poor condition with his elbow since joining the team, recently felt discomfort during training and visited the hospital, where he received an unexpected diagnosis.

Kim Dong-heon appeared in 102 games last season with a batting average of 0.242, 2 home runs, and 17 RBIs, emerging as the future leader of Kiwoom’s home team.

Ahead of this season, veteran catcher Lee Ji-young transferred to SSG Landers, and Kim Dong-heon’s appearances were expected to increase further. 메이저사이트

However, Kim Dong-heon had trouble throwing the ball in the opening two-game series against the KIA Tigers and sent an abnormal signal, and was immediately sent down to the second team.

Kim Dong-heon’s surgery date has not yet been set.

The club plans to perform surgery as soon as possible. It is expected to take about a year to return. 토토사이트 순위

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