Lee Jung-hoo proves that it is worth 150 billion won” beauty has already been praised

Lee Jung-hoo, a “genius hitter” who is challenging the U.S. Major League for the first time, has been receiving positive reviews since his debut in the exhibition game. Lee Jung-hoo started as the first hitter in center field against the Seattle Mariners in the “2024 Major League Exhibition Game” held at Scottsdale Stadium in Scottsdale, Arizona on the 28th (Korea time), drawing attention by scoring one hit, one strikeout and one run from three times at bat. Even though San Francisco’s opening game of the exhibition game was canceled due to minor side pain, he was worried by resting for two more days, but he showed a light physical condition by actively playing base running on the day. The game ended in a 10-10 draw as he failed to win or lose within nine innings.

San Francisco manager Bob Melvin added Lee Jung-hoo’s name to the starting lineup, expressing his anticipation to the U.S. reporters. San Francisco Giants awarded Lee Jung-hoo a whopping 113 million U.S. dollars for six years after he challenged the Major League in December last year through the posting system. It was the highest among Asian fielders ever. Lee was a genius hitter who ranks first in Korean batter history with a batting average of 0.340, but he was a rookie who had nothing to prove in the Major League. Despite this, San Francisco Giants appreciated Lee’s batting talent and decided to make bold investments. The manager said, “It was natural for the team to quickly check how the expensive player it brought would perform on the ground.

The East Bay Times, a U.S. media outlet, reported that “for the first time, Melvin put San Francisco’s highest income (Lee Jung-hoo) on top of his lineup card. It didn’t take long for him to prove why he came to San Francisco with more than 100 million dollars.”

Lee got off to a good start as he produced hits from his first batter’s box as the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the first inning when his team was losing 0-2. Seattle’s starting pitcher was Judge Kirby, who was also named an All-Star in 31 games, 13 wins and 10 losses, 190 ⅔ innings and an ERA of 3.35 last year when he was in his second year in the big league. Lee focused on contact after two strikes, and produced a hit that quickly escaped 1-2 to open the door for his team’s first run.

Lee Jung-hoo showed a good base play to prevent a double play when the next batter, Tyro Estrada, got on base due to a shortstop error at first base with no outs. If Seattle shortstop Ryan Bliss defended without mistakes, it would have been a double play, but Lee Jung-hoo quickly rushed to second base, laying the groundwork for the batter to live even Estrada. Lee Jung-hoo showed his composure to run fast and stand at home when Ramonte Wade Jr. hit a timely hit in the middle in the first and second bases with no outs. Thanks to this, San Francisco was able to catch up 1-2.

After Lee Jung-hoo scored, San Francisco’s batting lineup was on fire. With runners on the first and second bases with one out, Wilmer Flores loaded the bases with another hit, and Seattle replaced Kirby with Jared Bayres when Patrick Bailey hit a grand slam to turn the game 5-2 in an instant.

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