Klinsmann proud of captain Son Heung-min’s position.

Klinsmann, who is in the United States, was asked about Son Heung-min in a video interview with sports channel ESPN.

In the league opener, Son Heung-min was too much on the left flank and didn’t show his cool offensive skills with two shots on goal.

[ESPN panelist: “Your captain Son Heung-min has had some positional changes, does that worry you as a national team manager?”]

[Jürgen Klinsmann/ National Team Manager : “No, I’m not worried, Harry Kane leaving is a big change and we have to find our rhythm with Maddison, a new signing. It will take some time, but Son has always adapted well to new roles, so I’m positive.”]

Klinsmann, who also played for Tottenham in the past, said he was proud to see Son Heung-min named captain.

[Jürgen Klinsmann/Football Team Manager: “The captain’s armband is very special. To be the captain of Tottenham as a foreign player is very meaningful and something to be proud of.”]

Klinsmann said he expects Tottenham to win against United this weekend, but that he won’t be able to go see Son Heung-min play in person.

[ESPN panel: “Is there a private plane for coach Klinsmann?”]

[Jürgen Klinsmann/Manager of the National Football Team : “I’ve never had a private plane in my life. I would love to go to the game, but I don’t think I’ll be able to go this time (because I’m in the U.S.).”]

Despite Klinsmann’s witty remarks, his extended stay in the U.S., 카지노사이트넷 for one reason or another, hasn’t diminished the unflattering glances he’s gotten over the work-from-home controversy.

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