Kim Jae-hyun, Won the 2022 Driver of the Year

Kim Jae-hyun’s first win of the season… 30,000 spectators at Super Race 5R Night Race

Jang Hyun-jin took second place by 0.178 seconds…

‘Born in 2002’ Lee Chan-jun placed 8th in the Super 6000 class final on the 19th with 29,881 spectators

Kim Jae-hyun

Kim Jae-hyun (Nexen-Bolgas Motorsport), who won the 2022 ‘Driver of the Year’,

tasted his first victory of the season with a ‘pole to win’ 바카라사이트

at the Super Race Super 6000 Class ‘Night Race’

held for the first time in the metropolitan area.

Kim Jae-hyun was the first to receive a checkerboard in the Super 6000 Class Final

in the 5th round of the 2023 CJ Logistics Super Race Championship

held at Everland Speedway (2.538 km, 37 laps) in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

on the night of the 19th with a time of 48 minutes 49 seconds 444.

Kim Jae-hyun, who took first place in the preliminary round,

took first place in the final as well,

reporting his first win of the season with ‘Pole to Win’.

Jang Hyun-jin

Jang Hyun-jin (Seohan GP, ​​48 minutes 49 seconds 622) won the runner-up by 0.178 seconds,

Chung Eui-cheol (Nexen-Bolgas Motorsport, 49 minutes 05 seconds 681) crossed the finish line in third place.

‘Driver born in 2002’ Lee Chan-jun (Ecsta Racing, 50min 01sec 022),

who ran with a handicap weight of 100kg,

advanced to 8th place and accumulated 86 driver ranking points for the season,

keeping the lead in this category.

Kim Jae-hyeon

Kim Jae-hyeon won the 5th round,

adding 30 points, and rose to 2nd place in the driver rankings with an intermediate total of 78 points,

while Lee Chang-wook (Ecsta Racing, 70 points)

retired from a collision accident and fell to 3rd place.

29,881 spectators entered the Everland Speedway,

where the Super 6000 class finals were held for the first night race held in the metropolitan area,

the largest number of spectators on the day of the finals since the establishment

of the Super Race (previously, 29,000 spectators in the first round finals in April 2019) 764).

Kim Jae-hyeon, who took first place in the preliminaries and started first in the finals,

sprinted past second-placed Jang Hyun-jin from the beginning of the race by more than 8 seconds.

However, Kim Jae-hyun, who carried a 30kg handicap weight,

was pursued by Jang Hyun-jin, who had no handicap weight,

the gap at the end of the race narrowed to around 1 second.

Kim Jae-hyeon was in danger of leaving the track for a while at the last corner of lap 36,

but won by beating Jang Hyun-jin by 0.178 seconds.

After the race, Super Race started judging Kim Jae-hyun’s departure from the track.

After listening to the game video and the driver’s opinion,

the judging committee decided on a ‘warning + 1 penalty point’ instead of a ‘time penalty’ and confirmed Kim Jae-hyeon’s victory.

The 6th round of the Super 6000 class will be held at the Korea International Circuit (KIC)

in Yeongam, Jeollanam-do on September 23rd and 24th as ‘Jeonnam GT’.

Meanwhile, in the GT Class round 5 final held on the 20th,

Lee Dong-ho

Lee Dong-ho (Eraine Motorsport) won his 2nd win of the season.

Its Lee Dong-ho, who missed the championship due to retirement despite

taking the pole position in the 4th round last month,

soothed his disappointment by winning the 5th round.

In the M class, Minhyun Kim (V8) won the championship,

in the ‘Sports Prototype Cup Korea‘,

where two rounds were held in a row,

Rotor (Euro Motorsport) of Thai nationality won two rounds in a row.

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