Kim gets first hit against Ohtani…but Ohtani is injured

Kim Ha-sung gets first hit against Ohtani…but Ohtani is injured

Major League Baseball’s San Diego’s Kim Ha-seong got a hit in the first “two-hitter” against the Los Angeles Angels’ Ohtani.Kim Ha-seong hit a long drive in front of Ohtani to help his team win the game.Seok-jun Hong is a reporter.In the fifth inning, Kim Ha-sung’s bunt move causes the catcher to lose the ball, allowing the runner to advance to second base. Kim Ha-seong, who had earlier retired on a grounder and a walk, promptly pulled a fastball from starter Ohtani for his first hit in three at -bats.Kim failed to steal second base. In the seventh inning, when Ohtani was down, he walked and this time stole second base, recording his 14th stolen base and scoring a run. Kim also had a streak that surprised everyone. In the fourth inning, he deflected a ball that hit the first baseman and made a bare-handed catch like a soccer goalie for a grounder, and then in the ninth inning, with the bases loaded, he made a super play that earned a nod from closer Heather to seal the team’s 8-5 win. “Kim Ha-sung throws a change of direction, he gets to first base in time, San Diego wins, Kim Ha-sung ends the game.”Ohtani, on the other hand, took the loss, allowing five runs in five innings, including the first “back-to-back homers” of his career, and was removed in the sixth with a blistered finger. Ohtani, who had a birthday in our time, was not happy. He had suffered a broken nail in his previous start, which made it difficult for him to pitch in the All-Star Game. “I think it’s a bit much to throw a ball in the All-Star Game….”Toronto’s Ryu Hyun-jin made his first start after 398 days in the minor leagues, allowing one run in three innings and striking out five. Local media reported that “Ryu threw up to 142 kilometers per hour,” and that “a comeback at the end of the month seems possible.” Ryu, who has lost about 13 kilograms since his elbow surgery, is expected to increase his pitch count in his remaining rehabilitation appearances. KimHa-Sung

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