“It’s time to go to the team you want,” mixed reviews of ‘Lilladrama’

The reaction of former and current NBA players to Damian Lillard, who requested a transfer, is different. Gary Payton, who ruled an era, supported Lillard.

Local media, Hoops Hype, 토토 which deals with news and rumors of the NBA, met with experts’ views on the demand for Lillard transfers, the largest offseason issue on the 25th. (Korean time).

The name that definitely noticed me was Peyton. Peyton is considered one of the greatest spot guards of all time. During his 17 seasons, he was inducted into the All-NBA team, the All-Defense team nine times, and in 2013, he was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. He was also named one of the 75 greatest players of the NBA‘s 75th anniversary. He’s the father of Gary Payton Il.

Payton was also called a superstar during his active career, but he was also one of the players who took care of a championship. Peyton, who spent his prime with the Seattle Supersonics, was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks, got a free agent qualification and switched to the Los Angeles Lakers. Payton, who failed to win the Lakers, entered the Miami Heat through the Boston Celtics and was named the first winner in Miami history in the 2005–06 season.

Maybe it’s because he’s well aware of his desire for victory. “It’s time to join the team you want,” Peyton said. He has to decide whether to continue his career like Lillard or try to win on a winning team.”

Lillard pointed out that Miami, who made it last season, is the team he wanted, but technically, he has three years left on his contract with Portland. Austin Rivers (Minnesota) has therefore expressed public regret over Lillard’s words and actions.

Rivers appeared on the podcast ‘Off Guard’ on the 24th. And Lillard said, “If you become a free agent, you can choose any team. It started with James Harden and Ben Simmons acting like this, and it’s not good for the league.” Rivers openly criticized Lillard and even left injustice in the comments.

What position does Portland take? According to local media, it seems they’re taking the stance of “I won’t give it away at a reasonable price.”

Clutch Point reporter Brett Siegel said on social media, “I don’t know who said Lillard’s value would go down, but I’m 100% sure that’s not true. Portland‘s clearly drawn a line in exchange for Lillard, and he can’t rule out the possibility of continuing with Lillard.”

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