Han So-hee, Jun Jong-seo to co-star in new noir series ‘Project Y’

Actors Han So-hee, left, and Jun Jong-seo will lead new noir series. Courtesy of 9Ato Entertainment and Andmarq

Actors Han So-hee and Jun Jong-seo will co-star in the noir genre series tentatively titled, “Project Y.”The production company of the series, Climax Studio, announced that the two actors have confirmed the lead roles in the upcoming series, which is scheduled to begin filming in the latter half of this year.The series, set in Gangnam District in Seoul, will center around two friends portrayed by Han and Jun who collaborate to orchestrate a daring heist, aiming to steal 8 billion won worth of gold bars before retiring.

Filmmaker Lee Hwan, known for his works “Young Adult Matters” (2021) and “Park Hwa-young” (2018), will direct the series.“Two actors of the same age in real life will portray close, same-age friends in the upcoming series. The unique charm and chemistry they bring to the roles have sparked high anticipation for this new female buddy series,” the production company said in the release.Climax Studio has co-produced other notable series, including the Netflix series “D.P.” (2021) and the film “Concrete Utopia” (2023). Additionally, Wow Point, known for producing the Netflix series “The Bequeathed” (2024) and “Parasyte: The Maxim” (2024), has also been involved in these projects.Han, who had a breakthrough with the hit series “The World of the Married” (2020), has starred in various series, including the Netflix series “My Name” and “Gyeongseong Creature.”Jun debuted with the lead role in the mystery film “Burning” (2018) and has taken lead roles across films and series, including the Tving series, “Bargain” (2022), and the action film, 메이저 “Ballerina”

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