‘Exhuma’ bewitches both fans, non-fans of occult movies

An illustrated work of 'Exhuma' by X, formerly Twitter, user @poncho_anything, right, depicts the four main characters peering into a grave, with the sky above them forming a silhouette resembling the Korean Peninsula. This fan art was used in the film's special poster. Courtesy of Showbox

The supernatural occult film “Exhuma” is becoming a sensational success. It is expected to be the first film to hit the 10 million viewer mark this year.Released on Feb. 22, the film follows young shamans, Hwa-rim (Kim Go-eun) and Bong-gil (Lee Do-hyun), who team up with a feng shui expert and a mortician to solve mysterious events surrounding a wealthy U.S.-based family by exhuming its ancestor’s grave in a remote Korean village.The mystery thriller by Jang Jae-hyun continues its reign, topping the Korean box office, drawing 6.6 million viewers as of Wednesday, according to Korean Film Council data. The movie surpassed the six million viewer mark Sunday, and it took 11 days for the film to reach the milestone, a week faster than last year’s highest-grossing film, “12.12: The Day,” a historical saga about Korea’s 1979 military coup.

Fans are making a buzz on social media, showing off their fascination with the film. They are posting loads of illustrated fan art of the main characters and hunting for Easter eggs in the film. The film’s distributor used one of the fan artworks for the movie’s special poster to thank the fans.While occult is usually not a high-selling genre here, the film is drawing both occult fans and non-fans and moviegoers, of all age groups.Park Sung-hye, in her late 40s, said she is not a horror or thriller fan. But she had to come to see the movie. “The film’s trailer has intrigued my curiosity about this occult film. Kim performing shamanistic rituals looked really charismatic. Even as a Korean already familiar with the ritual, the scene was really strong and fresh. Her acting performance was literally jaw-dropping,” she said, after watching it with her husband at a theater in Gyeonggi Province. “It was definitely a film worth the ticket price.”Kim Bo-mi, 19, said she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen, saying, “The acting of all four main characters was just crazy. For me, the four looked 카지노사이트킹 like Avengers facing the evil spirit.”

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