Dankook University freshman Park Yaebesu’s debut was a mix of ‘excitement’ and ‘disappointment’

“I was nervous and my shots weren’t balanced. I should have just stuck to my timing.”

Dankook University ended its strong start to the season with a 72-60 victory over Dankook University in the South Division of the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League at Sangmyung University’s Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on Feb. 22.

Song Jae-hwan (G, 187 cm) was the star of the victory. He played 37 minutes and 14 seconds, finishing with 26 points, 13 rebounds, two assists, and two steals. Freshman Yabes Park (G, 189 cm) also started in his debut game and had four points, one assist, 텍사스홀덤사이트 and three steals.

After the game, Park said, “It was a high-pressure game, and I was nervous. But I’m happy with the win. We came out determined to get rebounds first, but we didn’t do a good job of rebounding. However, I was able to win the game with my brothers and teamwork until the end.”

When asked about the differences between high school and college, Park Yabes, who enrolled at Dankook University after graduating from Jeonju, added, “College is a little faster and more accurate, and we don’t waste offensive chances and try to capitalize on every single one.”

This season, Dankook will have to fill the gap left by Lee Kyung-do and Na Sung-ho, who both went to the pros. With the departure of many of the mainstays of the guard corps, coach Seok Seung-ho has been giving freshmen guards like Hong Chan-woo and Park Ya-bes a lot of opportunities since winter training, and the two players started the game.

“I’ve been playing a lot in the starting lineup since the scrimmages before the season started,” Park said. But it feels a little different to be a starter in the real league. It was a little difficult to withstand the pressure defense of the opponents. However, I think my game stamina has improved somewhat by playing a lot of minutes in practice.”

Since her days at Jeonju, Park has been regarded as a resource who can always deliver from the outside. However, in her collegiate debut, she shot just 1 of 8 from beyond the arc. “I was nervous, so my shooting balance was off, and I should have just stuck to my timing,” Park said.

“Dankook University finished fourth last year, so I want to follow my older brothers and show my fighting spirit as a freshman so that we can achieve good results this season,” he said. “I want to become an indispensable player in the future, like Sono Lee Jung-hyun. To do that, I need to work my way up from the 3&D role.”

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