Curling Federation, Relive the Glory of Pyeongchang

The deciding match for tickets to Milan is at home… Curling Federation “Relive the glory of Pyeongchang”

Agreement with Uijeongbu City to successfully host the 2025 Women’s World Championships.

The Korea Curling Federation is determined to recreate the glory of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics using the Women’s World Curling Championships to be held in Korea next year as a stepping stone.

On the 17th, the Korea Curling Federation held a successful hosting agreement ceremony with Uijeongbu City at the Uijeongbu Curling Stadium in Gyeonggi-do.

The 2025 Women’s Curling World Championships will be held in Uijeongbu from March 15 to 23 next year, and is the second to be held in Korea following the 2009 Gangneung Games. 카지노

In particular, next year’s competition is expected to be more intense because it will be the event where the winner of up to eight tickets to the 2026 Milan/Cortina d’Ampezzo Winter Olympics will be selected.

As the host country, Korea is able to avoid environmental difficulties such as adjusting to jet lag, giving it an advantage in the competition to participate in the Olympics.

In addition, thanks to the women’s national team ‘5G’ winning a bronze medal at this year’s World Championships, it is ranked third in Olympic qualification points after Canada and Switzerland.

Federation President Han Sang-ho said at the signing ceremony that day.

Do you remember the moment when the entire nation shouted ‘English and American’ at the Pyeongchang Olympics? and added, “We will recreate the glory of Korean curling at the Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo Olympics through the 2025 Women’s World Championships.”

I strengthened my resolve.

Kim Eun-ji, captain of the women’s national team, said, “I have never thought that we could play the World Championships on our home ground,” and said, “I often said to my colleagues, ‘We really have to do this.'”

Korean women’s curling, which entered the Olympics for the first time at the 2014 Sochi Games, won a silver medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Games, but failed to advance to the semifinals at the 2022 Beijing Games.

The Curling Federation and Uijeongbu City plan to actively support and promote infrastructure to host a successful competition.

In particular, Chairman Han said he would take a lesson from the low number of visitors at the Mixed Doubles and Senior World Curling Championships held in Gangneung, Gangwon-do last year.

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