Bringing unity to the shuttlecock Successfully held multicultural family badminton competition 

The 2023 National Multicultural Family Badminton Competition, which strengthens bonds between multicultural families and provides a place for communication through sports, was a success at the Goyang Gymnasium in Goyang Special City, Gyeonggi Province on the 16th. It was held inAbout 500 multicultural families from all over the country, including athletes, participated in this competition, which was co-hosted by the national news agency Yonhap News and Goyang Special City Sports Council and sponsored by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Goyang Special City, Korea Healthy Family Promotion Agency, and Yonhap News TV.

The match was divided into adult men’s and women’s doubles, middle and high school mixed doubles, and elementary school mixed doubles, and was held on the same day from the preliminary round to the final.Prior to the main game, a demonstration match was held by the Yonex badminton team. After Kim Seo-hyeon (14, Damyang, Jeollanam-do), who competed in the middle and high school division, took the oath on behalf of the team, the participants warmed up lightly to the cheerleader’s rhythm and began to demonstrate their skills in earnest.Considering that it was an event with a large number of people, the organizers made every effort to ensure safety, including deploying disaster safety managers at the site.At the event venue, various event booths were set up, such as ‘Four Cuts of Life’ where you can take sticker photos, nail art, origami, and experience 카지노사이트킹 playing traditional games from each country.

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