Anti-Israel protester ties his neck to a soccer goalpost 45 minute delay in game

Anti-Israel protester ties himself to soccer goalpost

A protester against Israel, which is at war with the Palestinian armed faction Hamas, tied his neck to the goalpost before a soccer game, causing kickoff to be delayed by about 45 minutes.

According to the British BBC, the 2025 UEFA Women’s Championship (Women’s Euro 2025) qualifying match between Scotland and Israel was held at Hampden Park in Glasgow, England, on the 31st of last month (local time).

Prior to the kick-off of the match, which the Scottish Football Association held without spectators for safety reasons, a man wearing clothes with the phrase ‘Red card to Israel’ protested by tying his neck to the goal post.

The BBC reported that the game was delayed for about 45 minutes until the police arrived, unlocked the lock, and took the man away.

The Israeli players who entered the ground displayed T-shirts with phrases mentioning the hostages held by Hamas on the front while taking pictures before the start of the game.

This T-shirt had the phrase ‘Bring them home’ written on it.

Scotland defeated Israel 4-1 while about 400 protesters gathered near the stadium, bringing Palestinian flags and other props.

The BBC reported, “Protests against Israel’s military operations are occurring periodically across the UK.

UEFA has taken measures to prevent Israel, which is at war, from holding home games in its home country. Instead, Israel’s home games are played at a third neutral site.

After completing their trip to Scotland, Israel will play a ‘home game’ against Scotland in Budapest, Hungary, a neutral site, on the 4th of next month. 스포츠토토

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