Chemical, biological and radiological contamination detection

 The Air Force’s 18th Fighter Wing (hereinafter referred to as the 18th Fighter Wing) announced on the 12th that it conducted anti-terrorism training in preparation for the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics at the base on the 11th.This training was conducted to strengthen the terrorism response capabilities of the 18th Fighter Anti-Terrorism First Response Team and operational units ahead of the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics, which opens on the 19th, and to prevent the spread of damage through prompt action in the event of a terrorist attack.

About 50 people from operational units, including the 18th Fighter Wing’s Military Police Battalion’s Special Task Squadron (SDT), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), and Chemical, Biological and Radiological Rapid Response Team (CRRT), counter-terrorism first response team, firefighting company, and aviation medical battalion, participated in the training.The training began when a terrorist disguised as a user of the base’s fitness center assaulted a sentry, then entered the unit without permission and fled.Accordingly, a special task platoon was quickly dispatched, subdued the terrorist and searched the vehicle.

During the search, a suspected explosive object was identified in the vehicle, and the bomb disposal team quickly and safely defused the explosive.Afterwards, the chemical, biological and radiological rapid response team detected the area around the site and confirmed that there was no chemical, biological and radiological contamination, and the training ended after the intelligence analysis team analyzed the terrorist’s anti-aircraft suspicions.Park Hyeong-ju, commander of the 18th Fighter Squadron, said, “It was a valuable time to strengthen our counter-terrorism response capabilities ahead of the big event called the Gangwon Winter 슬롯게이밍 Youth Olympics.”

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