‘Yang-ji is not too good’

‘Yang-ji is not too good’ Coach Kim Joo-chan and captain Jeon Jun-woo enthusiastically greet Yang-ji, who came to the Lotte dugout for an autograph after hitting a two-run homer the day before.

Doosan Bears and Lotte Giants play at Jamsil Stadium on April 4. After Lotte took a 6-1 lead in the third inning against Doosan’s Alcantara, Yang hit a two-run home run to start the rally.

In the fifth inning, Yang Seok-hwan hit a grand slam to tie the game. In the sixth inning, Lee Jung-hoon tied the game again with a pushing double. Doosan and Lotte played a back-and-forth game.

In the eighth inning, with the score at 8-9, Yang Ji-hyun hit a game-winning grand slam to lead his team to victory.

The day after the 4-hour, 16-minute grueling game, Yangji, fresh from training, approached the Lotte players with the ball as they arrived. The player she was waiting for was Yoon Dong-hee. After receiving the autograph, Yang Ji cherished the ball.

After receiving the autographed ball,

Yang Ji was grateful and passed on his hitting tips to Yoon Dong-hee. After listening to Yang Ji’s hitting tips for a while, 바카라사이트넷 Yun Dong-hee showed his understanding and left to train.

Coach Kim Joo-chan, who showed up with a Fungo bat, touched Yang-ji’s stomach and exchanged pleasantries. Yang Ji and Kim Joo-chan, who have been coaching together since their days as Doosan’s coaches, continued their jokes by reenacting the previous day’s man-ruffo scene.

Captain Jeon Jun-woo, who was out for a training session, also approached Yang Ji and smiled broadly as he mimicked the two-run and 10-run hits he had scored the day before.

Doosan Yang-ji, Lotte’s Jeon Joon-woo, and coach Kim Joo-chan were happy to see each other again on the field where they had fought so hard the day before.

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