Seojin Yoon and Yujae Kim Challenge for Medals Together

In the 3rd Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix competition, Yoon Seo-jin from Hwa-dong at the Pyeongchang Olympics took second place in the short event, and Kim Yoo-jae took third place, predicting a medal with her twin brother Kim Yu-seong.

Yoon Seo-jin, who was in charge of cleaning up the flowers and dolls spilling over the silver table at the PyeongChang Olympics, attracted attention with her innocent expression as she imitated her friend next to her during recess.

Five years later, the 15-year-old girl, who entered the world stage as a ‘player’ rather than a ‘flower girl’, showed off her skills in full bloom as she grew up dramatically.

After jumping lightly from the first task, the triple flip-double toe loop consecutive jump, the subsequent jumps also flew without hesitation. 먹튀검증사이트

When he quickly glided across the silver plate with fancy steps and finished the performance with a beautiful spin, applause poured in, and coach Choi Hyeong-kyung hugged his student who gave the best performance of his life.

With a score of 65.98, Seo-Jin Yoon broke his personal best by more than 16 points to take second place and increase his chances of winning his first medal.

Kim Yoo-sung’s twin sister Kim Yu-jae, who won the silver medal in her first competition, also placed third with a flawless performance, scoring 65.33 points, her personal best, boosting her twin sister’s chances of a companion medal.

Both Seojin Yoon and Yoojae Kim have a score gap of only 1 point with Japan’s Nakai Ami, who is in first place, so a comeback gold medal is possible.

Men’s singles prospect Seo Min-gyu also ranked second with his personal highest score of 75.67 points, just 0.43 points behind the Japanese player.

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