Samsung’s Shin Dong-hyuk in his ‘first professional offseason’: Summer 2023

Shin Dong-hyuk’s (23, 191.3 cm) first professional offseason is filled with a hunger for growth.

He was selected by Seoul Samsung with the sixth pick of the first round in the 2022 KBL Korean Basketball League Draft. It was a bit of a disappointment, as he was considered a potential rotational pick before the draft. However, he was the only rookie to start every game last season, averaging 18 minutes and 15 seconds per game.

Shin began his first professional offseason this summer. “The offseason in college is different from the offseason in the pros, because the environment is set up for players to focus on basketball, so I think my skills and physical condition can change a lot depending on what I do,” he said.

Although Shin has already established himself with the team as a rookie, this summer is a time for him to improve. “The offseason doesn’t change much from the season. I’m working out with the team just as hard as I do during the season. Personally, I’m working on my diet, shooting on the weekends, and other things I need to make up for through personal training.”

Shin Dong-hyuk played with Eun for five years, four years in college and one year in the pros. “His orders haven’t changed much from when I was in college,” he said of Eun, “but I think he’s left a lot of things to the coaches now, whereas in college he was trying to guide me.

Shin Dong-hyuk was already recognized for his defense at the collegiate level. Even after entering the professional ranks, his defensive skills and high activity level have been his strengths. “Last season, I felt a lot of inadequacies as I experienced the pros for the first time, so I’m thinking that I need to take more time and play defense without 스포츠토토 impatience. I will enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and joy that comes from catching an attacker,” he said, further emphasizing his defense.

In conclusion, Shin Dong-hyuk said, “Our team is being judged as a weak team, but I want to prove that we are not weak by doing my part. I will show that we will only know which team is the weakest when the season starts.”

The most important thing for Samsung next season is the development of its young players. With Shin Dong-hyuk filling his first professional offseason with confidence and determination, it will be interesting to see if he can light up Samsung’s next season.

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