Kim gets first hit against Ohtani…until the heated battle at the plate

Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres’ Ha Sung Kim got a hit in the first “two-hitter” against the Los Angeles Angels’ Ohtani.

Kim Ha-seong played a long game in front of Ohtani to help his team win the game. In the fifth inning, im Ha-sung’s bunt move causes the catcher to lose the ball, allowing the runner to advance to second base. Kim Ha-seong, who had earlier retired on a grounder and a walk, promptly pulled a fastball from starter Ohtani for his first hit in three at-bats. Kim failed to steal second base. In the seventh inning, when Ohtani was down, he walked and this time stole second base, his 14th stolen base, and scored. Kim Ha-seong also showed a hoseby streak that surprised everyone. In the fourth inning, he deflected a ball that hit the first baseman and made a bare-handed catch like a soccer goalie for a ground ball, With the bases loaded in the ninth inning, he made a super play that earned a nod from closer Heather to seal the team’s 8-5 in.


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