Football Association admits to unusual infighting… Fans “hold Chung-Mong-Kyu-Klinsmann responsible”

The fact that the conflicts and clashes within the national team became public knowledge and the Korean Football Association acknowledged it so soon and explained the specifics of the situation is unusual. The first media outlet to report this was the British publication The Sun. Although it often breaks soccer-related news, it is rarely reprinted due to its exaggerations and exaggerations.

But this time was different. The Korean media amplified the story, which was eventually picked up by The Sun. Klinsmann watched from a distance as the players fought and didn’t follow up, and the same was true on the day of the match. The team had a major accident on their way to winning the 홀덤사이트 Asian Cup, and they were racing with a broken car without any medical attention.

The problem is that since the Asian Cup quarterfinal loss, Klinsmann and the decision-maker who appointed him, Chung Mong-kyu, the president of the Korean Football Association, have been criticized relentlessly. The KFA has been largely silent throughout the process. The KFA has not even disclosed what internal discussions are taking place about Klinsmann’s departure. However, its different attitude toward the player conflict has led to suspicions that it is trying to deflect attention away from the players and onto Chung Mong-kyu. Conspiracy theories such as “Klinsmann, who is in danger of losing his job, leaked the information to local media” and “the KFA deliberately leaked the information to shift the blame to the players” are gaining momentum.

Chung has remained silent on the issue of Klinsmann and the players since the Asian Cup ended. He’s thinking about it, but he’s not sending out any messages. “We will make a conclusion after comprehensively reviewing what came out of the executive meeting and the power strengthening committee,” said a senior KFA official, “and it is expected to be tied up within the next week.”

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